A Smarter Way to Refinance Your Student Loans

Refinancing Solutions for Functional Pathways Employees

With rates as low as 2.39% APR* variable and 3.19% APR* fixed, it’s a smarter way to refinance your education loans.

* Subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

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Looking for another reason to refinance? For every Functional Pathways employee* who refinances a student loan with Education Loan Finance, SouthEast Bank will donate $400 to the Cookie Jar Fund to help provide relief and support to Functional Pathways friends, families, and coworkers in times of need.

How It Works

You could save hundreds each month and thousands over time.

You have worked hard to achieve your goals as a therapist providing excellence in rehabilitation, and Education Loan Finance from SouthEast Bank recognizes that you deserve repayment options that simplify managing your finances. Our team combines student loan and banking experts to offer flexible, money-saving student loan debt refinancing options.

Get the loan amount that fits your needs.

We offer loans from $15,000 – $250,000, with additional amounts considered for exceptionally well-qualified borrowers.

Customize a repayment plan.

There are many options when it comes to consolidating or refinancing your student loans. Choose from a variety of low variable or fixed rates.

Our application process is streamlined and simple.

Fortunately, Education Loan Finance – offered by SouthEast Bank – is completely focused on optimizing the best repayment strategy for your specific situation and goals.

Fill out our form to request more information, or if you’re ready to start your application, click Apply Now below. All rates subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.

Borrower Eligibility Criteria

* All loans are subject to credit approval.

* Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien without conditions and with proper evidence of eligibility.

* Must be at the age of majority or older at the time of loan application.

* Must have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from an Education Loan Finance approved post-secondary institution and program of study.

* Must reside in a state in which Education Loan Finance is authorized to lend.

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Sample Rates and Payments on a $50,000 Loan

Choose a Loan that Fits Your Budget. Below are sample payments for a $50,000 loan using each of Education Loan Finance’s student loan refinance options*. Your actual interest rate may be different than the rates in these examples and will be based on the term of the loan, your financial history, and other factors, including your cosigner’s (if any) financial history.

  • 5 Year Term

    Variable Loan

    2.39% APR* – 4.99% APR*

    $884.95 – $943.33 per month

    Fixed Loan

    3.19% APR* – 5.99% APR*

    $902.66 – $966.41 per month

  • 7 Year Term

    Variable Loan

    2.55% APR* – 5.14% APR*

    $650.57 – $709.99 per month

    Fixed Loan

    3.85% APR* – 6.48% APR*

    $679.99 – $741.99 per month

  • 10 Year Term

    Variable Loan

    3.05% APR* – 5.39% APR*

    $483.96 – $539.91 per month

    Fixed Loan

    4.45% APR* – 6.69% APR*

    $516.99 – $572.59 per month

  • 15 Year Term

    Variable Loan

    3.45% APR* – 5.75% APR*

    $356.21 – $415.21 per month

    Fixed Loan

    4.89% APR* – 6.69% APR*

    $392.54 – $440.79 per month

  • 20 Year Term

    Variable Loan

    3.69% APR* – 6.01% APR*

    $294.89 – $358.50 per month

    Fixed Loan

    5.09% APR* – 6.69% APR*

    $332.47 – $378.40 per month

Save Money
Right Now

With a lower rate or a longer term

Rates as low as 2.39% APR* variable or 3.19% APR* fixed and terms from 5 to 20 years.

Save Money
Over Time

With a lower rate or a shorter term

Reduce the total interest you’ll pay.

Customize a Repayment Plan

Flexible options for your needs

Loan amounts from $15,000 to $250,000 and consolidate multiple loans into one easy monthly payment.

Make the right financial choice by refinancing your student loans with Education Loan Finance. You’ll like having choices when it comes to managing your education loans.

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