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Connect to our ELFI for Business site right from your HR portal. Multiple ways to contribute to employees’ student loan debt. Educational resources like newsletters, New Hire onboarding booklets, webinars, onsite consultations, and student loan calculator.

Student Loan Debt

A Growing Concern for Young Professionals

86% of Workers Would Commit to a Company for 5 YEARS if They Helped to Pay Off Student Loans1

3 in 5 Paying Off Student Loans is a Priority Over Saving for Retirement1

Would Take a Sign On Bonus for Student Loan Debt Specifically1

4 in 10 Adults (Under 30)  Have Student Loan Debt2

The College Graduate on Average Borrows


College Graduate

College Graduate average monthly payment is $265.2


Grad School Graduate

Graduate School Graduate average monthly payment is $522.3


Law Graduate

Law Graduate average monthly payment is $1,634.4


Medical Graduate

Medical Graduate average monthly payment is $1,600.3

ELFI customers save an average of $282 a month or $26,215 in total savings.*

*Customer Total Savings – Average Customer total saving calculation of $26,215.92 total savings is based on information provided by Education Loan Finance customers who refinanced their student loans between 08/16/2016 and 10/07/2017. While these amounts represent average amounts saved, actual amounts saved will vary depending upon a number of factors.

* All calculations are estimates based upon the employee loan details and employer contribution information provided and assume a fixed interest rate and corresponding APR. Monthly payments for loans with a variable interest rate are subject to change. Calculations also assume that the borrower makes full, on-time payments throughout the life of the loan. In addition, to any employer contribution. Actual savings will vary based upon a number of factors.

 The ELFI Difference

Backed by an FDIC regulated bank

Personal Loan Advisors assigned to each applicant

Available Nationwide to U.S. & Puerto Rico

Over 30 years of student lending experience

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