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Good For Business?

Employees & Student Loan Debt

Barbara Thomas talks with Farragut Press about the launch of ELFI for Business. How supporting employee’s student loan debt could end up helping your business. Business benefits could include recruiting top talent and more.


A Look into ELFI Student Loan Refinancing

ELFI Student Loan Refinancing Review from

ELFI is the newest player in the student loan refinancing game. In 2015, SouthEast Bank decided to start offering refinancing for borrowers. ELFi claims to be “a smarter way to refinance your student loans”. In this review we will explain what this company does, the benefits of using them, and how they differ from other student loan refinance lenders.


Head of ELFI Talks Deferment

Deferment Types May Vary

Student loan borrowers may have the option to defer their payments while they’re enrolled at least half-time and during a grace period after leaving school.


ELFI Launches $50,000 Giveaway

Empowering a Brighter Future Video Contest

Education Loan Finance would like to reward those who have taken on student loans to obtain their college degree.


Executive of ELFI Schools Borrowers

ELFI Executive Offers Advice on Saving Thousands

What can degree-hopefuls can do to avoid amassing inflated amounts of student debt?


ELFI Executive Talks Student Loans on WVLT

Best Time to Refinance Student Loan Debt

Many college graduates are still soaking in what it means to be finished with school and with that comes the real world and student loans.


ELFI Receives AAA Ratings

ELFI Gets AAA Ratings on Inaugural Securitization Deal.

ELFI Education Loan Finance announces the close of its inaugural securitization of refinanced student loans.


First Student Loan Refi Lender to Receive AAA Rating

ELFI AAA Rating from Both Standard & Poor’s and DBRS

Education Loan Finance is the first student loan refinancing lender to receive the AAA rating from both Standard & Poor’s and DBRS on its senior notes in its first securitization transaction comprised of this type of education loan product.


SouthEast Bank Launches New Low Rates

Education Loan Finance – ELFI – a division of SouthEast Bank has recently lowered rates on its student loan refinancing program.

Education Loan Finance- ELFI – a division of SouthEast Bank focusing on student loan debt refinancing and consolidation, has recently lowered the rates on its student loan refinancing program. ELFI rewards hard working, financially-responsible college graduates with better refinancing and debt consolidation options, while also offering among the lowest rates in the industry.


Homework on Student Loan Refis Pays Off

ELFI Garnered AAA From Two Credit Rating Agencies

S&P Global Ratings and DBRS provided AAA ratings for ELFI’s inaugural securitization of loans refinancing the debt of borrowers with advanced degrees and high-paying jobs.


ELFI Launches Student Loan Refinance Program for Parents

Providing Student Loan Refinancing for Parents

ELFI has officially launched its student loan refinancing and consolidation loan for parents – the Parent Loan – which will allow parents to refinance both their Parent Plus loans and private student loans.


Bankers Healthcare Group Partners with ELFI from SouthEast Bank

Providing Student Loan Refinancing for Healthcare Professionals

Bankers Healthcare Group, the leading provider of financial solutions for healthcare professionals, introduces a new way for its customer network to pay off medical school debt through a partnership with ELFI from SouthEast Bank, an education loan refinancing and consolidation program.


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