Empowering a Brighter Future Video Contest Winner

August 28, 2018

On a bright and sunny day in over 100-degree heat in Virginia, Barbara Thomas and ELFI team arrived at the home of the winner to surprise them with their prize. It was a tough decision to pick only one winner, but we’d like to announce the 2018 Empowering a Brighter Future video contest winner: Simon Rivera from Moseley, Virginia.


Simon Rivera, a husband, and father of two from Virginia used his video to share how important eliminating student debt would be to him and his family.  Simon is a self-taught videographer and he uses video as a platform for his creative expression. “I started just making fun videos for my nephews, but now having my own family has given me the opportunity to capture the most important stories and moments in my life…My boys are age 4, and 20 months—which I find to be such precious ages. I don’t want to miss a single moment! Enjoying family time alongside my interest in videography certainly complements each other well.” said Simon when asked about his interest in video.


Click Here to View Simon’s Winning Video


Simon’s winning video submission illustrates his family life and discusses the strain student loan debt can put onto a young family. Many young people who carry student loan debt are waiting longer to reach family milestones, from buying houses to having children.  Some families have had to hold back on their growth to eliminate or make student loan debt manageable.

Before heading to school, Simon served in the U.S Air Force Reserves for six years. He received a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree through the Touro College Physician Assistant Program. The prize earnings from the Education Loan Finance video contest will allow Rivera to pay off his debt and possibly allow his wife to return to complete her education.

Thank you to all who participated in the Empowering a Brighter Future video contest.  The entries provided showed the creativity of entrants along with the struggle to meet student loan obligations.  Education Loan Finance is committed to helping those refinance their student loan debt so that they can Empower a Brighter Future!

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