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Man leasing a car
Should You Lease or Buy a Car When You Have Student Loans?

Student loans can affect all aspects of your financial life, including your decision to get a car. Your student loan […]
Woman with an MBA smiling
How to Pay for an MBA

For many, obtaining a graduate degree is a natural next step in their career path. In fact, in 2019, 13.1% […]
Woman refinancing her federal student loans
Refinancing Federal Student Loans

Out of the approximate $1.6 trillion owed in student loan debt in the U.S., roughly 92% of all student loans […]
How Paying Off a Student Loan Impacts Your Credit Score
Does Paying Off Student Loans Help or Hurt Your Credit Score?

Paying off student loans is a major milestone for anyone. But while you’ll enjoy more cash flow and peace of […]
Sign saying "action plan for 2021"
5 Financial Goals to Set for 2021

2020 will likely go down in history as one of the most trying years that the world has experienced. At […]
College student listening to the best personal finance podcasts
4 Personal Finance Podcasts to Help You Make Smart Money Moves

Personal finance is important, but it’s not always exciting. Fortunately, podcasts can make learning money management skills simple and engaging! […]
Man calculating student loan tax deductions and write-offs
How to Claim the Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Student loan debt continues to burden millions of Americans, with the Federal Reserve reporting that outstanding student loans total more […]
Woman reading about how much to spend on rent
How Much Should You Really Spend on Rent?

For most people, rent is one of their largest monthly expenses. But while it’s natural to devote a substantial amount […]
Woman enjoying the college student benefits her campus offers
6 College Amenities to Take Advantage of Before Graduation

College campuses offer a variety of student benefits. In fact, you can probably take care of many of your day-to-day […]